GEAR UP Scholarships



GEAR UP Scholarships

Who is Eligible?

For GEAR UP Ohio Scholarship funding consideration, an applicant must:

  1. Successfully participate in GEAR UP Ohio programming for one year or more,
  2. Possess a high school diploma or GED certificate;
  3. Be a U.S. citizen, a U.S. national, have a green card, have an arrival-departure record, have battered immigrant status, or have a T-Visa;
  4. Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment as an undergraduate student in an eligible degree program at an eligible institution, and
  5. Be less than 22 years old at time of first scholarship award.


How much aid is available each semester?





3/4 Time

1/2 Time

Community College




Public University Regional Campus




Public University Main Campus




Private, not-for-profit




Private, for-profit




  900+ 750-899 600-749
Ohio Technical Centers $400 $300 $200


How do I apply?

For GEAR UP scholarship funding, eligible students must apply online using the GEAR UP Scholarship Application  located in Naviance.  Eligible students must contact the local GEAR UP Site Director to access the application. 

Once the application is submitted, the Scholarship and Program Coordinator will contact the applicant’s institution. Pending verification of eligibility, the Scholarship and Program Coordinator will send funding to the identified institution during the autumn and spring academic term for up to eight academic terms. 

If the student would like to utilize GEAR UP Scholarship funding during the summer academic term or decides to transfer to another eligible institution, the student must contact the Scholarship and Program Coordinator for assistance with this process. 

When should the survey be completed?

The application window opens April 1 of each year and closes on July 1. 

How many semesters may I receive scholarship funding?

Pending funding availability, eligible students may receive up to eight academic terms of GEAR UP Ohio Scholarship funding based on a semester system.  A revised award table is available to institutions utilizing quarter, trimester, or other academic calendars.