New HEI: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Financial Aid

Announcements & Important Dates

  • On January 22, 2018, ODHE released a major system upgrade to HEI. The new version brings a new hardware architecture, updated user interface, improved turnaround and performance for file submission, and improved error handling. 
  • Along with the HEI upgrade, updated financial aid submissions and reporting are planned to integrate to the new HEI release:
  • As of February 12, 2018, WOS submissions and reporting is in the New HEI system.
  • As of April 9, 2018, NEALP submissions and reporting is in the New HEI system.
  • As of September 24, 2018, OCOG submissions and reporting is in the New HEI system.


File Structure & Specifications

Please note that in the new HEI System, there is only one change to the NEALP (NV, NT, and NA), OCOG (OG), and WOS (WO and OA) file formats. Across all submission files, all award amount fields are to be seven characters in length (including dollars and cents, but no decimal, e.g. 0150000 to represent $1,500.00).


Data Upload Site

HEI Authorization Manual (downloadpdf

  • How to set up a data reporter's HEI account


HEI Overview


Usability Tips

  • Use your browser’s save username and password feature to avoid having to re-type your credentials every time you log in



  • You can use either the navigation header or the navigation header dropdown menus to view the sub-pages underneath each functional category
  • Instead of using your browser’s “Back” button, use the application’s “Cancel” or “Back” buttons to close an open dialogue without action or navigate back to a previous page


Fields & Buttons

  • Be sure make an entry/selection for all required fields before engaging a function – all required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*)
  • When entering/selecting, work through the fields from top to bottom, then left to right to ensure all dependent fields are handled in order
  • Use the “Clear” button to reset all of the entry/selection fields if you want to start over on a page – you can also navigate away and back or click on that page again from the menu to start over
  • In some cases, a button may be disabled (greyed out) when certain conditions prohibit a function from occurring, e.g. Re-submitting or Deleting a file in Loaded status
  • On interactive grid pages, e.g. Search File, Reports, you will see a Search bar – these can be used to search in any of the available fields using the magnifying glass selector, or all fields on that page (default)
  • On interactive grid pages, you will see an “Actions” button – from here you can filter, sort, download, or perform a number of other dynamic report functions
  • Some dropdown-select fields have a feature enabled that allows you to start typing to find the selection you want; this is not “fuzzy-search” or Google-like, and you will want to type the first several characters accurately as possible, e.g. “Ohio Sta” will bring up “Ohio State University” but “Ohio Stt” will not.