Ohio Mathematics Initiative Community

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Mathematics Steering Committee

uriAs a result of an Ohio Mathematics Summit held on May 8, 2013 the Mathematics Steering Committee was formed to study national trends, current initiatives and available statewide and national data, and subsequently make recommendations for future mathematics curricula in Ohio.  The Steering Committee is comprised of 12 mathematics faculty from Ohio public institutions of higher education, 5 ex-officio members, and Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) staff.   In addition, through a contract with the OBR, the services of Dr. Uri Treisman, Ms. Jenna Cullinane and the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas provided expertise and guidance to the committee.

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Mathematics Chairs/Leads Network

The Mathematics Steering Committee recommended that a statewide network of mathematics chairs and leads be formed  in order to create an infrastructure that allows for timely, meaningful, cross-institutional communication.  As a result, the Mathematics Chairs/Leads Network was formed, which includes chairs and leads from 36 of Ohio's public colleges and universities. The Network is charged with exchanging evidence-based information and reviewing evaluation data linked to specific initiatives or policies.

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Mathematics Chairs/Leads Network Subgroup Leads

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Ohio Mathematics Initiative (OMI) Subgroups

Subgroup 1: New & Alternative Pathways
Subgroup 1 is focused on: improving student success in entry level courses by aligning mathematics to academic programs of study; improving instructional delivery mechanisms; and working to develop, implement, and evaluate co-requisite strategies to support under prepared students.

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Subgroup 2: Revision of the Ohio Transfer Module (OTM) Criteria
Subgroup 2 is tasked with: redesigning the OTM course criteria and processes to focus on student learning outcomes; increasing departmental flexibility in determining pre-requisite courses and credit hour requirements for OTM courses; and defining what distinguishes a course as "college-level."

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Subgroup 3: Communication, Outreach & Engagement
Subgroup 3 is working to: improve communication among mathematics faculty and stakeholders across institutions; encourage and promote mathematics faculty participating in meetings of professional groups; and engage the mathematics community with the work of the OMI subgroups.

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Subgroup 4: Data Collection, Analysis & Sharing
Subgroup 4 will be: developing quality measures for improving student success in mathematics; then collecting, analyzing, and sharing relevant data.

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Subgroup 5: Alignment Between Secondary & Postsecondary Content and Instruction
Subgroup 5 has been charged to: conduct a national scan of promising alignment practices; conduct regional meetings and workshops to generate ongoing conversation among secondary/postsecondary faculty and state education policy leaders; and share promising alignment practices.

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Ohio Mathematics Community

The Ohio Mathematics Community is truly a statewide effort.  The community,  in its entirety, includes not only members of the steering committee, the chairs/leads, and mathematics faculty, but also administrators, postsecondary faculty whose students need mathematics for success, secondary faculty preparing students for postsecondary education, and business and industry leaders who are seeking future employees with mathematical and analytical reasoning skills.  The mathematics community will share information and ideas amongst the community itself, and be a source of support and knowledge to anyone who is touched by mathematics in Ohio and beyond.