The Ohio Board of Regents publishes 3 different newsletters aimed to deliver the most updated information regarding the different initiatives and announcements in higher education around the state.



ConnectED: Connecting Higher Education to Business


This is a quarterly news magazine designed to connect Ohio Higher Education to the business community. In this publication, you will learn about the efforts of the Ohio Board of Regents to move students from the classroom to the workforce; and about research and idea development happening within the University System of Ohio that is benefiting Ohio businesses.

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News from the Ohio Articulation & Transfer Network


Highlights from Ohio’s articulation and transfer leaders and champions who are making a positive difference in moving the state’s articulation and transfer initiatives forward.

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Friday Facts


A monthly e-newsletter from the State’s Adult Basic and Literacy Education Team.

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This is your weekly GEAR UP Ohio newsletter. Feel free to share details of upcoming site programs and activities here so that those details can be shared with GEAR UP Ohio.

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