Ohio Strives to Increase Degree Holders

During the past several months, I have had many conversations with legislators, administrators, and educators throughout Ohio. Several themes have evolved to help Ohio reduce our brain drain. I have spoken publicly about these recurring themes, and, as I am continuing to refine them, I want to apprise you of my thoughts with the hope that we can work together to improve completion rates.

We must ensure college readiness prior to high school graduation, increase completion rates of college students, and continue to close the unemployment gap by filling Ohio’s needed jobs with educated and experienced Ohioans.

Each institution of higher learning in Ohio shares a similar goal of increasing retention and attainment of its students. As a group, we strive to provide the appropriate education so each student will be able to embrace a rewarding career when they graduate.

On our website, you will find information on several initiatives and projects that we are pursuing at the Ohio Board of Regents. I have drafted the “Success Roadmap” which serves as a guideline to our overall goal of increasing the number of Ohioans who earn a degree.

Through cooperation and collaboration of all of our educational institutions and opportunities, we can reach our common goals and become, as Governor Kasich recently said, a University System and not a system of universities.

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