Healthcare Professionals Learning English, Looking for Jobs

It is not uncommon to have highly qualified healthcare professionals sitting in ABLE ESOL classrooms who are underemployed or unemployed. Often these students are left on their own to navigate the confusing U.S. system of credentialing and licensure.

To help them navigate that system, “English and Pathways for Healthcare Professionals” was created. The program is designed to teach English using a contextualized healthcare curriculum, improve students’ employability skills, inform students about post-secondary training programs, help students navigate the credentialing and licensure system, improve students’ knowledge of medical terminology, and give students an opportunity to receive a certificate in Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers.

There are 23 students representing 14 countries and a variety of healthcare positions currently enrolled in English and Pathways for Healthcare Professionals. For many of the students this pilot program is the light at the end of a very long tunnel. Some had searched for years to find a comparable program. Students are assigned a transitions counselor who works with them throughout the program.

The foundation for this program was laid by the English for Healthcare Professionals class offered through the Columbus City Schools ABLE program and is a partnership of The Ohio Board of Regents, Global Cleveland, Polaris Career Center ABLE Program, Cleveland State University, and World Education Services.

For more information about this program and its students, contact Denise Friend, ESOL Healthcare Class Coordinator at the Polaris Career Center ABLE at (440) 570-9417.