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2012 Annual Condition Report
2013 Annual Condition Report

Chairman Gupta Improving statewide commercialization efforts among the university research and business community

Complete College Ohio


Chairman Gupta

Regent Lindseth

Intends to provide comprehensive and bold new proposals to accomplish the goal of graduating more students and encouraging them to remain in Ohio upon graduation

Conditions Reports

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  The Ohio Board of Regents develops and issues an independent annual report on the Condition of Higher Education in the Ohio, all of which are available below.

Inclusive Competitiveness

Empowering Underrepresented Ohioans to Compete in the Innovation Economy (PDF)

Regent Ackerman The Ohio Board of Regents (OBOR) Subcommittee on Inclusive Competitiveness is pleased to submit the report: “Inclusive Competitiveness: Empowering Underrepresented Ohioans to Compete in the Innovation Economy.”