Verification Tables

Verification/Mapping Tables: General Explanation
Revised April 10, 2012

Verification tables are used to store lists of valid entries for fields in HEI data files. When a campus data reporter submits an HEI file, the system compares the contents of particular data fields to the applicable verification tables. If this comparison shows that the contents of a data field are not in the verification table, the edit program displays an error or warning message.

The simplest verification tables just list the valid code values for particular fields, such as M or F in a Gender field. More complicated verification tables indicate the valid combinations of code values across different fields. For example, Student Rank and Institution are related, in that certain types of institutions such as community colleges cannot have student ranks above Sophomore.

Mapping tables are not used in the data file submission process, but they indicate how the detailed data submitted to HEI is aggregated by the Regents for use in various applications. For example, subject data is submitted to HEI in the form of the CIP codes, which are a set of over 1700 subjects developed by the federal Department of Education. The Regents have developed two different “maps” of these CIP codes that aggregate the 1700 CIP codes into more manageable groups that are used in reporting and in the construction of funding models in the State Share of Instruction formulas.

The verification tables will change as data reporting requirements and definitions change in HEI.

Verification table and mapping table data is presented in two forms on the HEI website. Most of the simple verification tables that indicate the allowable values for specific fields in the HEI files are accessible directly from the file submission documentation for those files.

Verification tables that are more likely to change often and those that indicate allowable combinations of code values across fields are listed on this Verification / Mapping Table page. In addition, the most commonly used mapping tables are also listed here.

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