Enrollment: Edit and Load Specifications


The edit and load specifications are used to enforce logical relationships between data elements, tables and files.  Stated simply, data that do not make sense should not be permitted in the database.  Each file collected in HEI has a set of edit and load specifications that alert users to possible anomalies in their data.  The HEI data reporter submits their file to an edit process, where their data elements are compared record by record, field by field, against a set of rules (edits) for each element.  Possible anomalies are presented in an edit report and are listed with the identifying fields in the record.  An example would be attempting to submit a student with a birth year of 1850 who entered your institution in 2000.
In addition, edits are also used to alert reporters to relationships between data elements that are questionable, but perhaps acceptable. For example, it is not probable, but it is possible, to have a 14 year old student enrolled at your institution.

Edit and Load Specifications (in alphabetic order):