Noncredit Instructional Revenue (NR) file


File Description

The Noncredit Instructional Revenue (NR) file captures data about revenues received during the previous fiscal year for non credit instruction.

Submission Schedule

The Noncredit Instructional Revenue (NR) file is submitted annually before October 1.

Capture Date

The capture date  for the Noncredit Instructional Revenue (NR) file is the last day of the fiscal year, June 30.

Relationship to Other File Submissions


Data Fields

Field Names

Field Attributes and Procedures

Data Format

Campus Enter a code from Institution/Campus Codes. Alphabetic 
4 characters 
Columns 1-4
Restricted/Unrestricted Enter a U if the revenue came from unrestricted funds. Enter an R if the revenue came from restricted funds. Alphabetic 
1 character 
Column 5
Noncredit Job-related Training & Instruction Revenue Enter the income derived from instructional fees received from students taking non-credit courses. Numeric 
10 characters 
Columns 6-15
Delete Switch Enter Y if the record is to be deleted from the database. Otherwise, enter N. Alphabetic 
1 character 
Column 16

Additional Explanations

Numeric data must be formatted as specified in the Data Formatting Conventions document. If a revenue source does not pertain to the campus described in the record, fill the entire field with zeros.

All amounts should be reported in whole dollars.

Definitions and Descriptions of Data Fields

Campus: This four-character Regents abbreviation uniquely identifies the campus (or branch) within an institution. Cuyahoga Community College and Southern State Community College will enter CYCC and SSCC, respectively, in the campus fields of all records.

Restricted/Unrestricted: Restricted funds are those that have a limitation placed on their use by an outside grantor. Restricted funds can be expensed only for specific operating purposes as designated by the donor, grantor, or other outside entity.

Noncredit Job-related Training & Instruction Revenue: Include all revenues received for activities established to provide job-related noncredit offerings and services beneficial to individuals or organizations external to the institution.  This area shall include services provided to nonprofit as well as to for-profit and governmental organizations.

These activities include:

  1. Pre-Employment Training and Development: Activities whose primary purpose is to provide skills necessary for entry positions, career changes, or to improve job skills.  This category represents noncredit instructional activities that will provide the student with basic knowledge, skills and training required for employment.
  2. Career Advancement and Professional Certification: Activities concerned with updating, improving, and expanding employees’ knowledge to help Ohio companies maintain their competitive edge.  It includes programs for employee licensure and certification.
  3. Employer Assistance Services: Services provided to employers with the primary purpose of improving their competitive ability through knowledge and skill-building activities.  This objective is accomplished through such activities as seminars, training plan development, needs assessments, customized training programs, and advising services.

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Revised July 31, 2003'