Nurse Education Assistance Loan Program (NEALP) Certification (NT) File May 27, 2006

File Description

The NEALP Certification (NT) file contains a record for each student who has been accepted to receive NEALP. The record identifies the student and the details of the NEALP loan. The student must be enrolled for the terms indicated on the individual record, cannot have received the maximum cumulative loan amount for the year and cannot have received the loan for the maximum number of academic terms.

Submission Schedule

Files may be submitted as often as necessary, although we recommend submitting no more than once per academic term. The NT file cannot be submitted for summer term disbursements per NEALP rules.

Capture Date

The capture date is no sooner than the 15th day of the term.

Relationship to Other File Submissions

The NT file cannot be submitted until the Nurse Education Assistance Loan Program (NEALP) Verification (NV) file has been submitted, edited with zero errors, and loaded onto the HEI database.

Data Fields (in all records except the file header record)

Field Names Field Attributes and Procedures Data Format
Student Identifier Enter the federally assigned Social Security Number (SSN) for this student. Alphanumeric
9 characters 
Columns 1-9
Student Rank Enter a code from Nursing Grade Level Codes which best describes the student's academic rank during the term indicated in the header record. Numeric
1 character
Columns 10
Current Enrollment Status Enter the following codes:
F = Full time
H = Half time
L = Less than half time
1 character
Column 11
Satisfactory Progress Is the student making satisfactory progress toward the degree? Enter “Y” or “N” Alphabetic
1 character
Column 12
Award Amount Enter the student's loan amount for this term in dollars. Numeric
4 characters
Column 13-16
Projected Graduation Date Enter the date the student is expected to graduate with the degree in their nursing program. Enter date as MMDDYYYY. Numeric
8 characters
Column 17-24
Delete Switch Enter "Y" if the record is to be deleted from the database. Otherwise, enter "N" Alphabetic
1 character
Column 25

Additional Explanations

Current Enrollment Status: Per the NEALP rule, if the student has been enrolled for less than half time, he/she will not receive payment for the loan.

Satisfactory Progress: Per the NEALP rule, if the student has not been making satisfactory progress towards the degree for more than two terms, the student will not receive payment for the loan.

Annual Award Amount: Enter the award amount for the year and term in the header record. Use whole dollars only. For example, an award amount of $1234.56 would be entered as "1235".

Delete Switch: Submit a record with a delete switch of "Y" only for records for which no payment nor adjustment has been received. If you have received payment for a student and wish to make a refund or request an adjustment, use the NEALP Adjustment (NA) file.  

File Header Record

The first record of each file is a header record formatted as described at this link.

The File Identifier to be used for this file is NT.