Nurse Education Assistance Loan Program (NEALP) Verification (NV) File May 27, 2006

File Description

The NEALP Verification (NV) file contains a record for each student who is applicable to receive the NEALP. Institutions submit this file to provide the Ohio Board of Regents with information to aid in determining the NEALP recipients. In addition, the NV file must contain a record for each student included in a NEALP Certification (NT) file for the current academic year.

Submission Schedule

The NV must be submitted once per academic year by June 30 of the current year for Period 1 applicants. For example, the deadline for applicants for the 2006-2007 academic year is June 30, 2006. The NV file must be submitted once per academic year by November 30 for Period 2 applicants.

Capture Date

This file contains information pertaining to the upcoming academic year and therefore should reflect the most recent information for the student as of June 1.

Relationship to Other File Submissions

The NV file must be submitted, edited with zero errors, and loaded onto the HEI database before the following files can be submitted:

NEALP Certification (NT) file
NEALP Adjustment (NA) file

Data Fields (in all records except the file header record)

Field Names Field Attributes and Procedures Data Format
Student Identifier Enter the federally assigned Social Security Number (SSN) for this student. Alphanumeric
9 characters 
Columns 1-9
Cost of Education Enter the cost of education for the student in dollars and cents. Numeric
7 characters
Columns 10-16
Estimated Financial Aid Enter the amount of financial aid this student will receive in dollars and cents. Numeric 7 characters Columns 17-23
Expected Family Contribution Enter the expected family contribution from this student’s FAFSA in dollars and cents. Numeric
7 characters
Columns 24-30
Annual Award Amount Enter the student's annual loan amount in dollars and cents. Numeric
6 characters
Columns 31-36
Defaulted Loan Has the student defaulted or does the student owe a refund to any federal financial aid program? Enter “Y” or “N” Alphabetic
1 character
Column 37
Nursing Program Start Date Enter the date when the nursing program starts for the student Alphabetic
8 characters
Column 38-45
Delete Switch Enter "Y" if the record is to be deleted from the database. Otherwise, enter "N" Alphabetic
1 character
Column 46

Additional Explanations

Annual Award Amount: Annual Award Amount: Enter the annual award amount for the student. Annual Award Amount is the Cost of Education (minus) Estimated Financial Aid (minus) Expected Family Contribution. Annual award amount is not to exceed $3000.00 for LPN and RN students or $5000.00 for nurse education students. Include cents. For example, an award amount of $1234.56 would be entered as "123456".

Defaulted Loan: Per the NEALP rule, if a student has defaulted on a loan they are not eligible to receive the NEALP. Therefore, please inform us if the student has ever defaulted on the loan so we can properly award these loans.

Delete Switch: You can only submit a record with a delete switch of "Y" for records for which no payment nor adjustment has been received. If you have received payment for a student and wish to make a refund or request an adjustment, use the NEALP Adjustment (NA) file.  

File Header Record

The first record of each file is a header record formatted as described in

The File Identifier to be used for this file is NV.