War Orphans Scholarship (WO) Certification File

Revised April 12, 2018

Field Names

Field Attributes and Procedures

Data Format

Student Identifier

Enter the identifier that uniquely relates to this student as provided in the War Orphans eligibility query. For most students, this will be the federally assigned Social Security Number (SSN).

9 characters
Columns 1-9

Student Rank

Enter a code from Rank Codes which best describes the student's academic rank during the term indicated in the header record.

2 characters
Columns 10-11

Student GPA

Enter the student's cumulative grade point average. This value may not be greater than 400. If using manual entry, please use a decimal.

3 characters
Columns 12-14

Award Amount

Enter the student's instructional and general fee charges (dollars and cents). If using manual entry, please use a decimal.

7 Characters
Columns 15-21

Delete Switch

Enter "Y" if the record is to be deleted from the database. Otherwise, enter "N".

1 character
Column 22