Instructional Grant (IG) Certification File Revised March 18, 2003 Beginning with the 2003-2004 academic year

File Description

The Instructional Grant (IG) Certification File contains a record for each student who is to receive the grant. The record identifies the student and the details of the Instructional Grant (IG).

Submission Schedule

Files may be submitted as often as necessary, although we recommend submitting no more than once per academic term.

Capture Date

The capture date for the Instructional Grant (IG) is no sooner than the 15th day of the term.

Relationship to Other File Submissions

This file is independent of all other files. However, an application record from the student must be on file in order for a corresponding IG record to be accepted.

Data Fields (in all records except the file header record)


Field Names Field Attributes and Procedures Data Format
Student Identifier Enter the federally assigned Social Security Number (SSN) whenever possible. If the SSN is unavailable, enter another identifier that uniquely relates to this student. For a given student, the same identifier must be used in all student-related files. Alphanumeric 
9 characters 
Columns 1-9 
Student Rank 


Enter a code from Rank Codes which best describes the student's academic rank during the term indicated in the header record. Alphabetic2 characters Columns 10-11
Term Award Amount Enter the amount of the grant the student is eligible to receive for the term indicated in the header record. Numeric 
4 characters Columns 12-15
Delete Switch Enter Y if the record is to be deleted from the database. Otherwise, enter N. Alphabetic1 character Column 16 Uppercase

Additional Explanations

Term Award Amount: Enter to the nearest dollar (no decimals). Do not include cents. For example, a certification of $64 must be reported as 0064.


File Header Record

The first record of each file is a header record formatted as described at this link.