Instructional Grant Refund/Nonpay (IR) File Revised December 11, 2000

File Description

The Instructional Grant Refund/Nonpay (IR) file contains a record for each student for whom the school is requesting an adjustment to the amount of a previous Instruction Grant payment. The record identifies the student and the details of the Instructional Grant Refund/Nonpay .

Submission Schedule

Files may be submitted no more than once per academic term.

Capture Date

The capture date for the Instructional Grant Refund/Nonpay (IR) file is no sooner than the 15th day of the term that is subsequent to the reporting term.

Relationship to Other File Submissions

The file is independent of all other files. However, the data in this file represent transactions for records that must have been submitted in a previous Instructional Grant (IG) certification file.


Data Fields (in all records except the file header record)

Field Names Field Attributes and Procedures Data Format
Student Identifier Enter the federally assigned Social Security Number (SSN) whenever possible. If the SSN is unavailable, enter another identifier that uniquely relates to this student. For a given student, the same identifier must be used in all student related files. Alphanumeric 
9 characters 
Columns 1-9 
OIG Institution Code Enter the 3-digit code for your institution Numeric 3 characters Column 10-12
Refund Amount Amount to be refunded to Regents for the student for the term identified in the header record Alphanumeric 6 characters Column 13-18
Non-pay Amount Amount by which Regents is to reduce certification for the term identified in the header record Alphanumeric 6 characters Column 19-24
Filler Spaces Spaces Columns 25-79 
Record ID '6' Version number assigned by SGS Column 80 

Additional Explanations


The Refund and Non-pay Amounts are signed integers. For details, refer to documentation at

File Header Record

The first record of each file is a header record formatted as described at this link.

The File Identifier to be used for this file is IR.