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Data Entry Screen Process

Q: It was said in an e-mail that the delimiters are commas, but my notes from the December 6 training session say semicolons. Which is correct, or will either work?

A: Commas are used as delimiters

Q: When using the "back" button to go back and correct errors, sometimes data was still there; other times it was not.

A: We worked on correcting the problem with pressing the "back" button. We will put a “Back” button on the page that will take you to the screen where your data will have been retained.

Q: I found that when I entered something in every field (even those that weren't required), a failed submission was finally accepted (i.e., the "district fee" field required a dollar amount; the "comments" field required an entry; etc.)

A: Yes, this is different from the previous form. We worked on a solution to this so that users won't have to input information into every field. There are some files that are required fields and some that are optional. This is noted on the data submission documents for the DO and DS files.

Q: I'm getting the following error when I choose "add course". “Failure! Record add failed. Database connection error. Press the Go Back button below to correct the problem or to try again.

A: Make sure you are not cutting and pasting from Microsoft Word. Otherwise hidden characters in your text cause this error.
A: Make sure you are not using any uncommon characters in your fields. The database will reject them.
A: Make sure there are no “hard returns” in your text fields.

Q: How can I delete courses or sections from our AU 2003 DO or DS files, that needs to be removed to make them accurate, using the screen entry approach?

A: We have just added a new delete function to the screen data entry approaches. It is important to remember, these following two rules when using this new function:

  • Sections need to be deleted before a course is deleted.
  • If there is only one section assigned to a course, then both the section and course needs to be deleted.

Batch Data Submission Process

Q: I need to request an extension to open the 2003 window for the DO and DS files and they are not on the extension request page.

A: You will never need to do this. You can submit any year and term in the window and file that is open for the current year. For example, you can submit data for SP 2003 through SP 2005 in the 2004 NA file submission window. The reason is that the year and term are captured in the course and section record lines, and not in the header (like other HEI files).

Q: Can you tell me what the header record should look like for the DO and DS files?

A: No problem. It is basically the same as the other HEI file headers. However, since OLN reporters have the option to submit multiple terms for courses in one submission, the term in the header record will be NA. Here is an example that I have used with success: AKRNDO2003NA000002. It was a DO file from Akron for 2003 with 2 records in it.

Q: Will the database that currently exists in OLN be moved over, or does the coordinator need to rebuild the full file? It looks to us as we review it that you are expecting a full file submission each term (via flat file), but I am also under the impression that the coordinator can build onto and change existing files. Can you verify your expectations in this regard, please?

A: As of now, the existing database from OLN will not be moved over to HEI. The new data submitted through HEI will be incorporated into the OLN databases. However, existing OLN data will be merged with new OLN data on the OLN database. The HEI database is starting fresh with SP03. OLN data reporters can submit a course file at anytime for any term and can build onto and change existing files via the batch process or data entry screens.

Q: Can you tell me what the header record should look like for the DO and DS files?

A: http://regents.ohio.gov/hei/datasubdoc/general/fileheader.html

i. File identifier is DO or DS.
ii. Year is the current calendar year (not the year of your data).
iii. Term is “NA”.

Q: When will we be able to submit Spring 2003 DO and DS files? Currently under enrollment submissions there are only the NA 2003 choices.
A: You can submit any and all terms for 2003 in the DO and DS files using the "NA" header. The term is recorded in the record for each course. Hypothetically, all your courses for 2003 could be sent in one batch file. The files were created to give the OLN catalog coordinators maximum flexibility in submitting inserts, updates and deletes.

Q: I'm stuck on entering the first course into the catalog. …(O)ne error now, which is the following…
"The Selected Year/Term Information is not Available on the System." I chose Summer as the Term, and 2003 as the Year. Do you have any idea why I'm getting this error?

A: http://regents.ohio.gov/hei/datasubdoc/general/acadcal.html

Q: When we submit a file with errors and warnings, we get full details on both as to description and where the problem lies. However, when we submit a file with no errors, just warnings, we get no indication of records creating the warning. Can this be changed so regardless, we see the records impacted? Also on the DO, the prerequisite field does not allow us to enter punctuation outside of a comma. This has the potential for changing the meaning of the pre-req entry. For example if the Pre-req is BIO 110 and ANT 111 or ANT 131, you aren't sure with the current system if I'm telling you BIO 110 and (ANT 111 or ANT 131) or (BIO 110 and ANT 111) or ANT 131. Parentheses would be particularly helpful. Any change possible here within this text field? If not, we have to decide if incomplete data is better than potentially incorrect data.
A: Thank you for your suggestions. I have requested that the course and section identifiers, along with the year and term, be listed when there are warnings in the DO and DS files. In addition, we will be allowing parentheses in text fields.

Q: I have some changes to records that were previously submitted and loaded. Do I just submit them again? Will the new records overwrite the old?

A: Yes, you can just submit them again, as long as you match on the key identifiers, and set the delete switch to “N”. For the DS file, campus, course id, section id, year and term are the key identifiers. If these don’t match, the program will recognize your record as an insert instead of an update.

Q: I tried to submit the courses file again and this time I came up with only two errors. Anyways, is there anyway that I can figure out the two errors? (I pasted the e-mail that I received below).

A: Your error occurs because your subject codes are not allowable given our subject code verification table at http://regents.ohio.gov/hei/datasubdoc/vertables/dbo_subject.html. You can find out the erroneous values by looking at your edit report in the file as it is saved on your Data Input Site.

Q: Do I have to submit both a DO and a DS file each quarter? It seems to me that if I already have the courses entered, all I have to do is send a DS file that will match the courses already in the HEI system. Then I can manually add or deactivate courses that might change for next quarter and append their sections manually as well.

A: Since the DO and DS files directly correspond with the CI and CN HEI files (by course and section identifiers, year, term and institution), they will need to be submitted each year and term they are offered. Therefore, the DS data would never exactly match what is currently in the system for the DO file as it would differ by year and term. I am working on testing the updates to the web page that will allow you to download the information you have submitted in these files (https://hei.regents.state.oh.us/cgi/submission_download_cgi). It returns the file in text format with tildes separating the fields, and a header record. This way you would only have to change the term, and perhaps year, and submit the text file through the batch process.

Q: If we need to add more courses to the Fall 2003 DO and DS files, can I just send another file and that information will be appended? Or will I have to resend everything including the new information in a new file? Also our course numbers the student sees are different from what is displayed on the OLN site. For example, Course ID 008939 is our WST 151 course; however there is no way a student can search for that particular course using the Course ID. The only way that course will be accepted without any problem is to put it into the system as 008939 and not WST 151. Because we don't want to send any misinformation, is there a way we can put in the course numbers we actually use along with the Course ID's?

A: To answer your first question, yes, you can just send us another file and the new information will be added. I hope this is a good answer to your second question. We need you to send the course ID as reported in the CI file in the course id field in the DO file. However, we do not match on course title, so you could put "WST 151 (COURSE TITLE)". The courses are listed in the Ohio Learns search by course title, so the students could find that course id there.

Q: I have received this message “Subject: Edit Delay for <File Name> Because of changes we are making to the HEI servers, it may take a little longer for your edit or load request to be processed. You will receive an email message when processing is complete.” What does it mean?

A: When you receive this message, it means there is problem with the file structure in your file submission, and it is causing the editing process to fail. Contact an Regents administrator at hei-enrollment@regents.state.oh.us for more information.


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