File Header Record

Revised June 14, 2000

The File Header Record provides information used in the processing of the data file. It must be the first record in all data files. 

Field Name Field Attributes and Procedures Data Format
Institution Enter an institution code from Institution/Campus Codes. Alphabetic 
4 characters 
Columns 1-4
File Identifier Enter a two-letter abbreviation from the data area file listings to identify the file: 

SGS Financial Aid

2 characters 
Columns 5-6
Year In term-by-term submissions, enter the calendar year related to the term for which the data are being reported. In annual submissions that represent a fiscal year, enter the fiscal year which the data represent. In annual submissions that represent a particular day in a single term  (e.g., the Physical Structure Inventory (PS), Area Inventory (AI), Course Section Schedule (CS), and Other Use of Instructional Rooms (OR) files), enter the year of the term which the data represent.  In annual SGS financial aid submissions that represent an academic year, enter the terminal (second) year of the academic period which the data represent. Numeric 
4 characters 
Columns 7-10
Term Enter the term for which data are being submitted. 

AU - Autumn term 
WI - Winter term 
SP - Spring term 
SM - Summer term 
NA - File is not submitted on a term basis

2 characters 
Columns 11-12
Record Count Enter the number of data records submitted (do not count the header record). Numeric 
6 characters 
Columns 13-18


File Header Record Examples

  • Example 1: WSUNAC1996WI000381 is the first record to be submitted in the Alternative Credit (AC) file and signifies that there are 381 records in this file for Wright State University for the winter term of 1996. 
  • Example 2: OHSURE2001NA000897 is the first record to be submitted in the Research Incentive (RE) file and signifies that there are 897 records in the file for Ohio State University.