Verification/Mapping Tables: General Explanation Revised December 21, 1998

Verification tables are used to store lists of valid entries for fields in HEI data files. When a campus data reporter runs an HEI edit program, the system compares the contents of particular data fields to the applicable verification tables. If this comparison shows that the contents of a data field are not in the verification table, the edit program displays an error or warning message. 

The verification tables are dynamic. As the pilot projects and practice periods for each data area progress, there will be minor modifications to the tables. It is recommended that data reporters occasionally check this site to be sure they are working with the most current version. To facilitate use of current versions, the List of Verification/Mapping Tables includes a revision date for each table. 

There are two purposes for publishing verification table information via the Web. The first is to allow data reporters and other interested persons to simply view the current contents of the tables. The second purpose is to provide a method that enables campus data reporters and computer center staffs to acquire complete copies of verification tables. Campus efforts to develop and maintain processes for building HEI data submissions will be enhanced by this download capability. 

To ask questions or make comments concerning verification tables, contact the HEI Web Manager at or (614) 466-5045.