Statewide Capital Master Plan for Public Colleges and Universities

Ohio has made a considerable investment in capital facilities at the state's public colleges and universities. The 2004 inventory of all public higher education facilities in Ohio includes almost 2,400 buildings with a replacement value estimated at $23 Billion. Ohio's capital investments also include campus infrastructure (roads, parking, and utility lines) as well as information technology resources at both the campus level and at partner initiatives such as the Ohio Supercomputer Center and the Third Frontier Network.

A large percentage of campus facilities, representing 43% of current square footage, were built to accommodate the baby boom generation of the 60's. The simultaneous aging of these buildings is often referred to as "Block Obsolescence." This increase in older facilities, coupled with a consistent decline in state capital support over the past 10 years, has overwhelmed the ability of campuses to completely address facility renewal needs.

The Ohio Board of Regents has requested development of a statewide capital master plan for all public colleges and universities. The first meeting of the Capital Master Plan Consultation, consisting of staff from many of Ohio's public higher education institutions, was held on May 19, 2006. From this group, a statewide subcommittee was formed to assist Regents staff with development of the plan.

To learn more about the subcommittee, visit the Subcommittee Charter page.

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