Study Abroad

Study Abroad

What does it mean to be world-class? For Ohio public universities and community colleges, it means that its students have the knowledge and experience necessary to travel and compete anywhere in the global marketplace. One way in which the system is thinking globally is by encouraging its students to explore an international education.

Study abroad allows students to experience the world from a new vantage point, through programs that place them in the classrooms of another country for a week, a semester, or beyond. These programs enhance a students' learning experience not only by exposing them to different languages and cultures, but also through hands-on experience in their academic area that they might not receive at home.

Through its aggressive international education strategy, Ohio is working to create even more opportunities with a goal of increasing enrollment by 10 percent a year – in Ohio students studying abroad.

Students at Ohio public institutions are able to enroll in any study abroad program offered by another Ohio public university, dependent upon eligibility requirements and availability. In most cases, study abroad can be fairly inexpensive, so please contact your school's study abroad office for more information.

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