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OTC performance data and information necessary to implement, report and carry out the federal Carl D. Perkins legislation.

OTC New Program Approval & Program Change Process

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Perkins IV OTC Nontraditional CTE Program Lists

Nontraditional Career-Technical Education (CTE) programs prepare students for occupations or fields of work in which individuals from one gender comprise less than 25 percent of the individuals employed in those occupations or fields of work. The male and female lists are updated annually for Perkins IV. Click on the PDF links below to access the list from current and past fiscal years.

Teacher Certification/Licensure Guidance/Adult Permit Codes

Adult education instructors are required to possess either the adult permit or a teaching license issued by the Ohio Department of Education that is valid for the course(s) they teach. Instructors that possess a valid teaching license do not need to obtain the adult permit.

Guidelines for the Adult Permit are located on the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) website. It is available for a one-year or four-year time period.

The chart below identifies the valid permit codes for the Adult Permit.

Program Area Adult Permit  Code Program Area on Adult Permit
Agriculture and Environmental Science 010000 Agriculture
Marketing Education 040000 Distributive Education
Health Technologies 070000 Health Occupations
Family and Consumer Education 090000 Home Economics
Business Education 140000 Office Operations
Industrial and Engineering Technologies 170000 Trade & Industrial
Special Interest non-reimbursed courses 091064 Personal Living
Public Safety
EMT 070907 EMT
Fire 172801 Firefighting Training
Adult Workforce Education
ONOW 170000 Trade & Industrial
Transitions 090000 Home Economics

*Additional requirements for EMTs & Firefighters are provided on the ODE website.

EMT/Firefighter certification – Candidates must provide verification of their active Ohio EMS certification(s) and instructor card(s) with the online application for the adult education permit.

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