OCOG Eligibility Query ASCII File Format

Field Names Field Attributes and Procedures Data Format
SSN The federally assigned Social Security Number (SSN) for this student. Alphanumeric 
9 characters 
Columns 1-9 
Last Name The last name of the student. Alphabetic
15 characters Columns 10-24 Uppercase
First Name The first name of the student. Alphabetic
10 characters Columns 25-34 Uppercase
Middle Initial The middle initial of the student. Alphabetic
1 character Column 35 Uppercase
Filler 1 Space intentionally left blank Columns 36-42
RANK FF = First Time Freshman, FP = Previously Enrolled Freshman, SO = Sophomore, JR = Junior, SR = Senior, SF = 5th Year Student Alphabetic
2 characters Columns 43-44

Dependency Status

D = Dependent, I = Independent. Alphabetic
1 character
Column 45 Uppercase
Eligibility Status D = Denied, E = Eligible, F = Failed, I = Incomplete. Alphabetic
1 character
Column 46 Uppercase
Date Posted Date given student for award in correspondence. (Reported in yymmdd format). Numeric 6 characters Columns 47-52
Ohio Public School Amt. Maximum amount possible for an Ohio Public School. Numeric
4 characters Columns 53-56
Ohio Private School Amt. Maximum amount possible for an Ohio Private School. Numeric
4 characters Columns 57-60
Ohio Proprietary School Amt. Maximum amount possible for an Ohio Proprietary School. Numeric
4 characters Columns 61-64
Expected Family Contribution The EFC used in determining the award. Numeric
6 characters Columns 65-70
Total Grant Units Units of eligibility ranging from 0.250 - 1.000 for each quarter or 0.375 -1.500 for each semester (based upon enrollment status) for which benefits have already been paid, decimal implied. (For example, a student who has received the grant for 10 quarters and has utilized 10 units, this will display as 10000). Numeric
5 characters Columns 71-75
Transaction Number Indicates the specific FAFSA application that determined the award amount. Numeric
2 characters Columns 76-77
Incomplete / Disqualifying Items 3 - Character error message codes. Numeric
30 characters Columns 78-107
FISAP Total Income The FISAP Total Income used in determining the award/eligibility. Numeric
8 characters Columns 108-115