End-of-Term Process

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Revised May 5, 1999

The end-of-term process is used to confirm that institutional data submitted to HEI for each term are complete and accurate. At the end of spring term, the process is used by institutions to confirm that enrollment data for the entire fiscal year are complete and accurate. Through this process, institutions also inform HEI that the data are correct. Once the process is finalized, authorized users are enabled to query the data for that term.

The end-of-term process includes the following prerequisites:

  • The HEI liaison appoints an end-of-term coordinator.
  • HEI data reporters submit all of the data files for a term. 

    After the prerequisites are met, the process proceeds with the following steps:

    Step 1: The coordinator links to the Restricted Outputs Web page and requests that end-of-term reports be produced. The Restricted Outputs Web page is available through the HEI Front Door.
    Step 2 Institutional personnel review the Subsidy FTE results.
    Step 3 If necessary, data reporters make additions or corrections to data files to complete the data submissions for the term. They will then return to Step 1 to reiterate the process.
    Step 4 The coordinator accesses the Restricted Outputs Web page and informs HEI that the data for the term are complete and accurate.
    Step 5 Data reporters now may proceed with submissions of data files for the next term. At this time public data for the term, such as the Course Inventory (CI) file, are made available for public access.

    Please note: When the end-of-term coordinator finalizes end-of-term, he or she certifies, by doing so, that the institution has completed the term-oriented enrollment files, and the Course Sections Taught (ST) and Funding Unit Inventory (FI) files.

    Because Finalize End-of-Term releases data to be included in statewide queries and reports, there are some protections provided in the timing of running the process. These protections include:

    1. Finalize End-of-Term may not be executed until after at least one Course Enrollment (CN) and Faculty Course Sections Taught (ST) file are loaded onto the database for the term being finalized. Rio Grande Community College and Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine are exceptions to this rule due to limited data submissions.
    2. After Finalize End-of-Term is executed, data update windows for the term are closed.
    3. After Finalize End-of-Term is executed, Subsidy FTE may not be calculated.

    Regents staff have the capability to reverse the Finalize End-of-Term process so that more data input files may be submitted, but this does not reverse the effects of statewide publication of the data after the data were originally finalized.