Williamson College of Business Administration Center of Excellence in International Business


Youngstown State University

Overview (PDF)


Excellence Statement

Youngstown State University reached beyond the geographical boundaries and logistical limitations to create the Williams College of Business Administration (WCBA) Center of Excellence in International Business.
The WCBA Center of Excellence in International Business is composed of the Williamson Center of International Business, the Emerging Market Initiative, and the Ohio Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at YSU.
The Williams Center of Excellence in International Business provides global educational opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students, encourages basic and applied faculty research in global business, enhances economic development through workshops, seminars, consulting, networking, and student internships.
The Emerging Markets Initiative supports international study tours, curriculum development, faculty research, outreach seminars, and an International Business Scholars Workshop for high school students.
The Ohio SBDC partnership at YSU provides professional, in-depth consulting and training to existing and new business ventures.

Driving Economic Advancement

The Center of Excellence in International Business will drive economic advancement by providing the education, research, and consulting services needed to strengthen our companies’ competitive advantage. Expanding international trade is critical to the financial success of our Ohio companies and the economy of the state of Ohio.  The Center will work with businesses to expand their exports.


  • The Emerging Markets Initiative was awarded the 2007 Governor’s Excellence in Exporting Award for increasing awareness of exporting as a vital component of the state’s economy
  • Williamson College of Business Administration was awarded a 2-year, $183,000 grant from the US Department of Education’s Business and International Education Program, for a project titled The Emerging Markets Initiative
  • Successful implementation of the Emerging Markets Initiative resulted in the award of a second grant of $170,000 


  • Create a global learning environment that enhances the development of students’ global competencies
  • Accelerate the development of academic and business partnerships
  • Expand international business training, research and consulting services


  • Students studying abroad
  • International internships
  • Student competitions
  • Student consulting projects
  • Partnerships with universities in other countries
  • Partnerships with international organizations
  • Job placement
  • Research publications and presentations