Center of Excellence in Fine and Performing Arts (CEFPA)

Central State University

Overview (PDF)


Excellence Statement

Central State University’s Center of Excellence in Fine and Performing Arts (CEFPA) serves as a cultural hub for promoting musical and artistic excellence in regional schools and communities as well as promoting local economic development. CEFPA combines the strengths of the Music and Art programs at Ohio’s only historically black public university to create this Center for Excellence which enhances the cultural environment of the region with performances and the teaching of free private music lessons. The Center also offers access to outstanding education in the arts for minority students. The Center will train and graduate students in music and fine art who will provide exemplary professional and cultural leadership in their fields. 

Driving Economic Advancement

The Center also will attract nationally renowned faculty and student talent to Ohio and promote local economic development by attracting and retaining the “creative community” to live and work in the Miami Valley. Graduates will become the local band and choral directors, and will pursue ventures in recording, performance, collaboration, and/or private teaching studios.

CEFPA also drives economic development by collaborating with regional, national, and international fine arts organizations, providing students with global experiences and attracting outstanding faculty and performers to the program from outside the region.


  • Music program accredited by National Association of Schools of Music since 1964
  • World-class chorus – Only university choir in Ohio to perform with every major orchestra in the region on regular basis
  • Jazz studies program nationally ranked in U.S. News and World Report (2008)
  • Art program recently recommended for full accreditation by National Association of Schools of Art and Design


  • Provide online course offerings which would be included in the eStudent Services course catalogue
  • Collaborate with local and international dance and music programs
  • Host a world music festival in Ohio
  • Develop and offer master level courses


  • Peer assessment
  • Faculty resources
  • Student performances and recognition
  • Alumni success
  • Student participation in co-curricular activities