Offering Education Programs


The Ohio Board of Regents Office of Program Review and Development is responsible for assuring the continued quality of educator preparation programs that lead to licensure; verifying that educator preparation programs meet state mandates, standards and requirements; developing education program guidelines and enhancements that continuously increase quality and rigor; and reporting on the quality of Ohio educator preparation programs to the public.


Proposing New Educator Preparation Licensure Programs

All new education licensure programs must approved by the Ohio Board of Regents before they are offered and will be reviewed every seven years in sync with an institution’s national accreditation cycle.


Program Submission Process

To begin the transition to online program submission using the Curricunet technology, OBR has developed an online submission process for program review and approval for all new and continuing educator preparation programs. 

Forms A through E are no longer in use. Using the online submission process institutions will answer questions, provide information, and upload files, e.g. curriculum vitae, syllabi, programs/courses of study.

To begin the process, institutions will submit an Initial Inquiry, which asks a brief set of questions designed to help OBR assign an institutional mentor that will guide the institution through the program submission process.  The Initial Inquiry is now active and online.

Once an Initial Inquiry has been submitted, OBR will confirm receipt of the submission and assign an institutional mentor within seven business days of receipt of the Initial Inquiry. The institutional mentor will contact the institution's primary contact within 14 business days of the Initial Inquiry submission to discuss the forms, process, and fees (if applicable) necessary to complete the review.


Continuing Program Review [Pending CAEP Approval]

We anticipate that Ohio institutions will be able to select one of the 3 options below for continuing program approval [triggered by national accreditation review]:

  1. CAEP Program Review with National Recognition (specialized professional association review).
  2. CAEP Program Review with Feedback
  3. State Program Review


Program Change Forms 

Questions about the proposal process should be directed to: educator_prep