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ODHE recently hosted a webinar to discuss military credit and how it could potentially be used to recruit military students to campus.

A link to the recorded webinar can be found here

The PowerPoint used during the webinar can be found here


  • Identification of Student Veterans and Service Members
    H.B. 488 stipulates that each University System of Ohio (USO) institution must provide some type of registration/scheduling priority for student service members/veterans, as well as periodically survey service members and veterans on their needs and challenges. A set of questions and a sample template for the structure of tracking  provide an institution with a starting point in order to strategize how to effectively identify and track student service members and veterans.


  • Priority Registration
    In order to meet the legislative requirement to provide priority registration/scheduling for service member and veteran students, Ohio's public colleges and universities will need to have an effective and efficient strategy to 1) identify and track service member/veteran students and 2) establish a process for priority registration.  The implementation of priority registration will vary from institution to institution.  Some schools may not currently have a priority registration structure; others may have various levels of priority.  Key questions will help institutions guide a campus discussion.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeals Process
    Federal regulations surrounding Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) require students to make satisfactory academic progress in order to continue to receive federal financial aid. Service member and veteran students who are awarded credit for their military training, experience, and coursework that may not apply directly to their selected academic or career program may be at a disadvantage where SAP is concerned.  It is important to consider the tension between awarding more credits and maintaining SAP eligibility.