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Military & Veterans Services

  • Single Point of Contact
    Access sample position descriptions from Ohio's Public Institutions for roles that may fulfill the single point of contact requirement in Ohio Revised Code 3345.421(A). This area also contains information pertinent to this group.
  • Ohio's Public Institutions
    An area to feature news and updates pertaining to veterans and service members at each of Ohio's public institutions.
  • Student Veteran Surveys
    Ohio's Public Institutions are now required to survey student service members and veterans to identify their needs and challenges and make the survey available to faculty and staff.  This page provides information on items to consider when creating this survey for the first time.
  • Orientation
    Access sample orientation materials designed for new veteran and service member students.
  • Student Veteran Organizations
    Reference documents from established student veteran organizations can be used as a good starting point for creating a new student veterans organization on campus, as well as useful information to enhance your institution's existing student veteran organization.
  • Veterans Resources
    A variety of information and resources are available to Ohio veterans and service members.
  • Programs and National Organizations
    Information, resources, and entities at the national level are available to support veterans and service members.
  • The Ohio Community
    Organizations, associations, and contacts within Ohio can provide services or assistance to veterans and service members.
  • Guide to Creating a Military-Friendly Campus (Ohio National Guard)
    This guide can be used to help institutions create services and/or improve their campus to be more friendly to veterans and service members.