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  • Compliance with H.B. 488 – Institutional Requirements
    This one page document provides a complete list of all H.B. 488 institution of higher education requirements as codified within the Ohio Revised Code; citations are included.
  • Compliance with H.B. 488- Legislative Requirements through Ohio Revised Codes
    Specific sections in the Ohio Revised Code (O.R.C.) reference the legislative expectations for the Ohio Board of Regents and University System of Ohio colleges and universities (including their board of trustees).
  • H.B. 488 | O.R.C. 3345 FAQ
    This two page document addresses policy-related frequently asked questions, includes Ohio Revised Code citations, and contacts for further clarification.  Institutions are encouraged to connect with the contacts outlined within this document as well as members of the Military Strategic Implementation Team (MSIT).  
  • Valuing Our Veterans: Support & Assistance Policy Sample
    This sample policy document was developed by the Ohio Board of Regents (OBR) Military Strategic Implementation Team (MSIT) to aid institutions with the implementation of Ohio Revised Code Section 3345.421(B) as codified in Ohio House Bill 488.