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Train The Trainer Program

Ohio's Public Institutions came together to create and design training programs for faculty and staff across the state. The topics included: ACE/CCAF/JST tools, background and understanding of HB488, veteran transition and translation issues, and Prior Learning Assessment/MTAGs/Transferology. These modules were created by experts across Ohio and are encouraged to be used by anyone interested in conducting this training. Please feel free to use these training modules at your own institution by simply adding your logo and tailoring the questions to your own institutional needs.

Also, please contact Jshank@highered.ohio.gov if your institution plans to offer this training program and we will list it as a training opportunity.


Training Modules:


1. American Council on Education, Joint Services Transcript, & Community College of the Air Force Transcript tools and information.  *Notes are embedded in the PPT

This module is designed to give a better understanding of ACE, the JST, and the CCAF transcript to faculty and staff.


2. Prior Learning Assessment options, Military Transfer Assurance Guides, & Transferology

This module is designed to give a better understanding of prior learning assessment options that exist for veterans and service members, the military transfer assurance guide process, and how to utilize transferology to benefit veteran and service member students.


3. Service member and Veteran Transition and Translation Issues

This module is designed to give a greater understanding of the transition and translation issues that face veterans and service members on a college campus


4. Understanding HB 488

This module is designed to assist faculty and staff with understanding the requirements of HB488, where the law came from, and the features of the Ohio Values Veterans Toolkit.




  • Webinar about the use of Ohio Means Jobs webpage (Ohio Means Veteran Jobs)

    This webinar discusses the Ohio Means Jobs online tool and the Veterans components housed in that tool.  This tool is used to help Ohioans with their career search as well as forecasting future in-demand jobs for Ohio and noting what degrees are required for those job fields.   This will not only be useful to assist your veteran student population, but will also be applicable to your regular student population.  You must register to watch the recorded webinar - the link is here


  • Training and Professional Development Opportunities for Faculty and Staff
    The Ohio Department of Higher Education will be providing training and professional development opportunities for faculty and staff that work with veterans and service members.