OhioCorps Pilot Project




The Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) will make strategic regional investments to provide at-risk students with guidance to a pathway in higher education. The pilot program will consist of mentorship programs established and administered by eligible state institutions of higher education.

Institutions applying for OhioCorps funding should use local, regional, and state-level data and information to identify at-risk students and areas impacted by opioid addiction. Successful applicants will develop a plan to provide:

  1. Mentoring to at-risk middle and high school students;
  2. Service-learning component; and
  3. OhioCorps scholarships for at-risk students (See Appendix A)

Eligible institutions include any of the following:

  • Community college established under Chapter 3354 of the Revised Code;
  • Technical college established under Chapter 3357 of the Revised Code;
  • State community college established under Chapter 3358 of the Revised Code;
  • State university as defined in section 3345.011 of the Revised Code.

Institutions may apply as a single applicant, engage regional compacts, or form regional consortiums for this program. The program must be led by a lead applicant in order to provide services across a region and leverage the collective capabilities of participating colleges and universities.



The Request for Proposals provides additional details on the requirements and process an institution(s) needs to follow to be considered for funding.

ODHE has extended the deadline for OhioCorps proposals to Tuesday, February 5th.





ODHE hosted an informational webinar on January 9th at 2:00 pm.  The presentation is linked here  

If you need additional assistance, contact Tom Sudkamp, Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, at 614‐728-1904 or tsudkamp@highered.ed.ohio.gov.