One-Year Option: Secondary One-Year Option

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Seconary One-Year Option

The Secondary One-Year Option would, in certain instances, open the One-Year Option to students completing their CTE program in high school.


Which programs are eligible for the Secondary One-Year Option? 

Programs at the secondary level must meet specific criteria to be evaluated for inclusion in the Secondary One-Year Option. In order to be evaluated and approved, programs must:   

  • culminate in a credential equivalent to the credential earned through an approved OTC program for which there is an approved template,
  • have instruction time equivalent to required clock-hours listed on approved template, and
  • have no CTAG discipline or course level CTAN that has been approved for any secondary career-technical pathway or are deemed in-demand.


Which programs and institutions are approved for the Secondary One-Year Option?

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Where can credit from the Secondary One-Year Option be used?

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What type of credit is awarded to students using the Secondary One-Year Option?

Students can earn a block of technical credit toward an Associates of Technical Studies (ATS) degree.  Credit is only awarded as a block of technical credit and only towards the ATS degree. Credit hours awarded range from 20-30 semester hours and can be applied to five ATS degree options. 

  • Building and Industrial Technology
  • Business Technology
  • Health and Allied Health Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Services Technology