Ohio Technical Centers (OTC)

Ohio Technical Centers (OTCs) provide post-secondary career and technical education (CTE) at 53 career centers across Ohio. These institutions offer programming in the skill trades (i.e., HVAC, Phlebotomy, Police Training, EMT, etc.) that prepare learners for certificates, industry-recognized certifications, and state licensures. Many of the OTCs are positioned to respond quickly to the needs of business and industry by providing customize trainings and business consultation services to companies in order to assist with meeting Ohio’s workforce goals. 

Staff Contacts

Anthony M. Landis, Senior Director
College and Career Access & Success
(614) 387-1214

Jeffrey C. Gove, Director
Perkins Reporting and Compliance
(614) 752-1642

Verda McCoy, Assistant Director
Postsecondary Career Pathways
(614) 387-1020

Theresa A. Bryant, MBA
Program Data Manager
College and Career Access & Success
(614) 466-0544

Mailing Address
Ohio Department of Higher Education
25 South Front Street
Columbus, OH 43215

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