Perkins | Monitoring

Perkins Monitoring Process

The intent of the monitoring guide is to review compliance of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Act of 2006 required program activities and services. The guide ensures that the institution is meeting the fundamental expectations of the grant as stated in Section 135 of federal Perkins legislation.


Site Visit & Site Visit Report

One of the requirements of the Perkins Act is for the eligible agency (ODE/ODHE) to provide technical assistance to local eligible recipients (secondary/postsecondary).  The site visit gives the ODHE representative and the Perkins institutional representative an opportunity to review and discuss the impact of the Act on the institution.  The visits are informal and informational and recorded in a Site Visit Report template is below:

The report is completed by the ODHE representative and emailed to the institutional representative.  The site visit report is generated each time the ODHE representative visits an institution and is used for their continuous improvement


Contact Information:

Anthony M. Landis, Senior Director
College and Career Access & Success
(614) 387-1214

Jeffrey C. Gove, Director
Perkins Reporting and Compliance
(614) 752-1642

Verda McCoy, Assistant Director
Postsecondary Career Pathways
(614) 387-1020

Theresa A. Bryant MBA
Program Data Manager
College and Career Access & Success