Board of Regents Launches Quality and Value Webpage to Spotlight Gov. Kasich’s New Initiative

COLUMBUS, Ohio (2013-10-30) — 



COLUMBUS, OH, Oct. 30, 2013 – The Ohio Board of Regents added a new webpage to its website to spotlight the Quality and Value initiative announced last week by Gov. John R. Kasich and Ohio State University President Emeritus Dr. E. Gordon Gee.


The webpage, which can be found at, will provide updated information on the initiative as well as a submission form that allows visitors to submit their own ideas about enhancing quality and value in higher education in Ohio. Submitted ideas will be reviewed by Dr. Gee and Chancellor John Carey, both of whom were tasked by Gov. Kasich with developing recommendations that address ways for Ohio’s colleges and universities to balance cost, quality and access.


“Gov. Kasich is committed to higher education here in Ohio, and feels strongly that issues of quality and value are among the greatest challenges that our students and their families face,” Chancellor Carey said. “Dr. Gee and I will be looking at how our institutions of higher education can achieve higher quality while maintaining value, which we hope will result in less student debt, higher graduation rates, and more skilled workers ready to fill Ohio’s jobs.”


Chancellor Carey and Dr. Gee will travel the state in the months ahead, visiting with college and university presidents, faculty, staff, and students to discuss the quality and value initiative and solicit ideas and feedback from those participating in the discussions. A schedule of stops will be posted on the webpage as it becomes available.


“This is a collaborative effort to address one of the most pressing issues of our time, and we want to hear from you,” Dr. Gee said. “Chancellor Carey and I are committed to seeking out the best ideas on how Ohio can increase the quality and improve the value of higher education in the state.”

An initial report on improving the quality and value of higher education in Ohio is due to Gov. Kasich next summer.



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