Campuses Earn U.S. Department of Labor Grants for Apprenticeship Expansion

COLUMBUS, Ohio (2019-06-24) — 

Three public campuses in Ohio – along with their corporate and academic partners – will receive a share of $183.8 million from the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) to support the development and expansion of apprenticeships.


 The USDOL announced its Scaling Apprenticeships through Sector-Based Strategies grant recipients today. Twenty-three grants were awarded among 17 states to private-public partnerships in information technology (IT), advanced manufacturing, and healthcare. Ohio is the only state to receive three awards. Ohio’s awardees are:


Columbus State Community College – A national consortium led by Columbus State and Collin College in Texas will receive $3.78 million to create a national model for flexible apprenticeships in IT and IT-related industries.


Lorain County Community College – A consortium led by LCCC in collaboration with Ohio TechNet and The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association will receive $12 million to upskill 5,000 Ohioans over the next four years through Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAP), an innovative earn-and-learn model recently authorized by the USDOL.


The University of Cincinnati – A consortium led by UC and its regional campuses, in collaboration with Northrup Grumman, IBM, GE Aviation, and other industry partners, will receive $11.89 million to expand apprenticeships in the IT field.


“These collaborative efforts will strengthen Ohio’s workforce and ensure that our communities are prepared to successfully fill the jobs of today and tomorrow,” said Ohio Department of Higher Education Chancellor Randy Gardner. “Through these apprenticeships, skilled workers will be ready to meet industry needs in rapidly growing fields.”


According to the USDOL, the grants are funded through H-1B visa fees, which are paid to bring foreign workers to American when Americans cannot be found to fill open jobs.

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