Department of Higher Education Announces Innovation Program Awards

COLUMBUS, Ohio (2016-07-21) — 

The Ohio Department of Higher Education has approved $5 million in funding for projects that will enhance the quality of higher education throughout the state while making it more affordable for students by stabilizing or reducing tuition rates at colleges and universities. Schools receiving the funds designed collaborative, innovative projects that support academic achievement and economic efficiencies. The funds will be awarded for projects serving students at the community college and university level.

“These innovation grants support a variety of projects that will go a long way toward helping Ohio’s students achieve their career and educational goals,” said Chancellor John Carey. “The projects will help students schedule classes more easily, work directly with an academic advisor to stay on their career path and ensure they are getting the most from their education at a more affordable cost, to name a few.”

Schools receiving awards are Lakeland Community College, Columbus College of Art and Design, Sinclair Community College, Northwest State Community College, Stark State College and Shawnee State University. Each of the aforementioned schools partnered with other colleges and universities to enable innovative practices to benefit students.

Details on each of the awards are listed below:

Lakeland Community College – Pathways to Careers: Leveraging Data Analytics to Improve Efficiency and Increase Student Success, $1,965,684
The Pathways to Careers project, with the participation of 18 community colleges and four universities, will focus on the comprehensive use of data analytics provided by Ad Astra to support better space utilization and course management strategies. Undertaking this project will help promote standard course scheduling and space management strategies. Benefits include cost savings, retention and improved completion rates. The Ohio Association of Community Colleges (OACC) will administer the project on behalf of the colleges. Successful implementation may encourage other campuses to deploy analytical tools to manage courses and space. Participating schools are Belmont College, Central Ohio Technical College, Clark State Community College, Eastern Gateway Community College, Edison Community College, Hocking College, Lorain County Community College, Marion Technical College, North Central State College, Northwest State Community College, Owens Community College, Rhodes State College, Rio Grande Community College, Southern State Community College, Stark State College, Terra Community College, Washington State Community College, Zane State College, Central State University, Cleveland State University, Youngstown State University and Shawnee State University, along with the Ohio Association of Community Colleges.

Northwest State Community College – Establish the Northern Ohio Community College District to Standardize, Centralize and Create Shared Services, $607,458
This grant will assist in consolidating administrative services and administrative software, and standardizing procedures that will be shared by the Northern Ohio Community College District, which includes Northwest State Community College and Terra State Community College. Benefits include administrative savings over time and an increased capacity to meet student and institutional needs. The project will serve 6,100 students. The campuses are sharing support for positions to ensure continuity and sustainability. 

Shawnee State University – Bridge to Success Program, $517,545
The Bridge to Success Program will address the needs of first-generation, low-income students intending to enroll at Shawnee State University with the support of Southern State Community College, Scioto Career Technical Center, Ohio University Southern and the Lawrence County Educational Service Center.  The students will be selected for the program based on a high school or other official recommendation. During the program, student progress will be monitored and each student will work with an academic advisor. At the end of the program, students will be assessed holistically (grades, post-assessments and advising) to determine next steps in their academic journey. A successful model will be scalable to other campuses facing similar student remediation challenges.

Columbus College of Art & Design – Credit for Life Integrated Portfolio (CLIP), $998,000
The Center for Life Integrated Portfolio (CLIP) program at the Columbus College of Art and Design, developed in collaboration with Franklin University, seeks to help schools create online portfolio programs for students to submit demonstrated life-learning experiences for college credit. This will save students money and ensure they are not taking unnecessary coursework, while allowing them to have an easily accessible electronic portfolio of previous work. The development process for the initiative will be shared with other Ohio campuses and provide a model for prior learning, competency-based and e-portfolio strategies.

Stark State College – ShaleNet Share Project, $506,484
The ShaleNet Share Project is designed to strengthen partnerships among the campuses (Eastern Gateway Community College and Hocking College) to develop a new program, ShaleNet Measurement and Mechatronics Technician, A.A.S. degree. The program will educate and train students for work in the oil and gas industry on an accelerated 18-month schedule. It will provide a common curriculum and the opportunity to leverage existing ShaleNet investments at Stark State. 

Sinclair Community College – Guided Pathways Model for Student Success, $404,649
The Guided Pathways Model for Student Success will support collaboration between Sinclair and Columbus State Community College to develop pathway coursework and to map out career choices. This will save students time and money, and allow them to take only coursework that best fits their goals and interests. The project builds on a successful initiative at Sinclair.



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