Free eTutoring to Expand in Ohio


COLUMBUS, OH, March 26, 2012 – Ohio Board of Regents today announced expanded access to free online tutoring for students enrolled in Ohio’s university system. While eTutoring has been offered on 21 college campuses in Ohio, beginning this year all public and private institutions of higher learning in the state will be invited to join the Ohio eTutoring Collaborative, free of charge to the university and free of charge to students.

“We have in Ohio, one of the strongest collaborative teams of higher education institutions in the country – all working together to help students complete their degrees,” said Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Jim Petro.  “In an effort to better meet the needs of students, we are proud to offer this expanded eTutoring service for students across the state.”

How Free eTutoring Works

Students enrolled in Ohio’s university system access free online tutoring in various subjects including accounting, anatomy and physiology, biology, calculus, chemistry, math, and statistics. The eTutoring service also includes an online writing lab. Additional academic disciplines will be implemented as the program expands. Students can access the eTutoring site through their college website. Some universities offer their own online tutoring.

Throughout the week, students can receive real-time online tutoring sessions. Utilizing a camera, microphone and whiteboard, tutors from participating institutions assist students as they work through their mathematical or science concepts, for example. Students also can post questions that do not require immediate answers.

"It was so amazing and extremely helpful,” praised Moeana Franklin from the University of Akron in a recent email. “The tutor was so nice and explained everything very clearly! This program is amazing and I will continue to use it in the future and probably my entire college career. Thank you so much for offering such useful help to students!”

Writing students utilize the eTutoring platform by uploading papers for review. Papers, written for any undergraduate course, may be reviewed by trained tutors from any of the participating colleges and universities. Participating higher education institutions provide eTutoring tutors who make suggestions to writers, pointing out areas for improvement. Grammar questions also can be posted.

A clearinghouse of electronic academic resources is available when students access the eTutoring website via the student’s home university page.

Participating public and private universities screen and provide the qualified tutors. Approximately 2,400 students took advantage of free eTutoring Fall 2011.  The number of students is expected to grow as more universities take part.  Hours of availability vary but generally tutors are available from 9 a.m. until 11 p.m., seven days per week.  This eTutoring service is free to students.

"Today's students are using technology to better manage both their time and distance from campus,” said University of Akron Senior Vice President & Provost and Chief Operating Officer Dr. William M. Sherman.  “Technology helps them fit their learning into an already busy schedule. These students have a high level of social engagement and carry on multiple conversations within their learning environment in ways that shape their understanding of course material.  As part of the Akron Experience at The University of Akron, eTutoring has provided us with new options to support academic success for our diverse student body, especially those students in on-line and distance-learning courses."

Currently, participating schools pay an annual fee for the eTutoring service. Under the new arrangement, eStudent Services, a consortium of OH-Tech, will underwrite the annual fee for all interested public and private institutions.  

Participating Universities

Institutions which offer free eTutoring as of Fall 2011: Baldwin-Wallace College, Belmont College, Capital University, Central State University, Central Ohio Technical College, The Ohio State University at Newark, Clark State Community College, Cleveland State University, Edison Community College, Kent State University, Lorain County Community College, Marietta College, North Central State College, Northwest State Community College, Rhodes State College,  Rio Grande Community College/University of Rio Grande, Sinclair Community College, Terra Community College, University of Akron, and the University of Toledo.

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