A New, Performance-Based Model for Higher Education in Ohio


Campus-By-Campus Projection of State Share of Instruction (SSI) Dollars For Fiscal Year 2014 (PDF)

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the Ohio Higher Education Funding Commission Report

Ohio's College and University Presidents Come Together On a New and Innovative Approach to State Funding

Ohio’s success depends on a skilled workforce, and that starts with a quality education. While Ohio has some of the best institutions of higher education in the world, only about one-fourth of adults in Ohio have a bachelor’s degree, significantly below the national average. That shortage of qualified workers places Ohio at a competitive disadvantage compared to the rest of the nation.

Additionally, each Ohioan who fails to obtain a degree faces their own individual challenge -- fewer employment opportunities that make it more difficult to pay down personal debt. To maintain the kind of workforce necessary in an increasingly competitive and transformative economy, it’s imperative that Ohio graduates more students.