Ohio Board of Regents Launches OhioMeansSuccess.org to Help Students Plan for College, Find Affordable Degree Pathways


COLUMBUS, OH, Nov. 15, 2012 The Ohio Board of Regents today launched OhioMeansSuccess.org, an initiative that includes free online resources designed to help Ohio students and their families find the best and most affordable pathways to completing college degrees and career-technical credentials. The resources include information about the Ohio Transfer to Degree Guarantee program to streamline credit transfers among the state’s public colleges, universities and career centers to enable students to complete general education requirements as well as coursework for more than 60 degree programs.

“In today’s highly competitive and global economy, every Ohioan needs to pursue post-secondary education because the only certainty is that the jobs of tomorrow will flow to communities, states and nations where people have the education to fill them,” said Board of Regents Chancellor Jim Petro. “Whether you are completing a one-year, two-year or four-year degree or certificate, OhioMeansSuccess can help you find a faster, more efficient path to completion that will save money and start you on your way to a promising career.”

Most of the fastest-growing occupations require at least a bachelor’s degree, Petro noted, yet Ohio remains in the bottom quarter of states in rankings of adults with four-year degrees. Only 26 percent of Ohioans have a bachelor’s degree, compared with 31 percent nationally, according to U.S. Census Bureau figures. By 2018, nearly one million jobs will open up in Ohio that require at least a post-secondary credential, according to a Georgetown University study. The Board of Regents’ Complete College Ohio Initiative, which includes OhioMeansSuccess, is a comprehensive set of initiatives aimed at graduating more students and encouraging them to remain in Ohio after graduation. 

OhioMeansSuccess.org offers free online tools to help students find careers, prepare for and choose a college or career-technical program, and identify financial aid options. An interactive college search feature allows easy comparison of colleges that meet the student’s personal interests and needs. Using the credit transfer tool, students can identify classes that count toward general education requirements as well as degree programs. Veterans can also identify ways military training and experience may count as college credit.

College transfer is a growing trend among students who are saving money by starting at less expensive institutions and transferring to four-year institutions to complete a bachelor’s degree. Annual transfer volumes have increased by 43 percent in a decade. About 43,000 students transferred within the University System of Ohio during the 2010 – 2011 academic year, and Ohio’s credit transfer system helped students save $46.1 million.

Credit transfer is also an important option helping Ohioans who have completed some college courses without earning a degree. They may find they can transfer the credits they have earned to another four-year college closer to home, or they may be well on the way to an associate degree or a career-technical certificate program.

 “For the 1.3 million Ohioans who have some college credit, the Ohio Transfer to Degree Guarantee means you may be closer than you think to completing your degree or certificate,” said Petro. “For students at the beginning of their college careers, knowing in advance what courses and programs will transfer gives them the  option to choose less expensive and more convenient options.”

Faculty across the state, together with Ohio Board of Regents staff, have worked together for many years to ensure all statewide transfer courses are reviewed and approved for efficient student transfers.

“By supporting transfer of equivalent coursework, this initiative helps students earn these degrees and certificates in the most efficient way possible,” said Petro. “The faster students can earn a degree, the less it will cost – and the sooner they can realize the benefits of their education. They are the key to keeping our state globally competitive and able to meet the challenges of the 21st century.”

Using other free resources on OhioMeansSuccess.org, students and families can:

·      Explore possible jobs and careers that are available now and in the future in Ohio.

·      Use a powerful search engine from Hobsons® to find the college, university or career-technical program that best matches the student’s interests and talents.

·      Create a personal account to chart the path to college and receive email reminders about important tasks and deadlines, such as taking college entrance exams.

·      Help veterans determine how their military training and experience may count as college credit and assist them in completing their degrees.

Identify programs for non-traditional students, such as online, evening and weekend programs.


About the Board of Regents
The Ohio Board of Regents is the state agency that coordinates higher education in Ohio. The agency is directed by its Chancellor, who is a member of the Governor of Ohio's cabinet. The Chancellor, with the advice of the nine-member Board of Regents, provides policy guidance to the Governor and the Ohio General Assembly, advocates for the University System of Ohio and carries out state higher education policy.