Ohio Expands Education Benefits for Veterans’ Families

COLUMBUS, Ohio (2012-07-11) — 

COLUMBUS, OH, July 11, 2012 – Under a new Ohio law, the spouse or dependents of deceased veterans who move to Ohio receive immediate in-state tuition rates as opposed to waiting 12 months to establish residency.

Currently, under the Ohio G.I. Promise, veterans with one year of honorable service, their spouse and dependents that move to Ohio are immediately considered in-state residents for the purposes of tuition, state educational subsidies and financial aid. Active duty, guard, reserve servicemembers, and their families are also eligible for this educational benefit. 

Previously only families of servicemembers killed in action were eligible for the Ohio GI Promise. The new law expands these educational benefits to the spouse or dependents of a deceased veteran who move to Ohio even if death occurred after discharge.

“I commend bill sponsors Rep. Mike Dovilla and Rep. Al Landis for introducing this important component to the Mid-Biennium Review, and thank the legislature for unanimously passing it,” said Chancellor Jim Petro of House Bill 490. “This expansion of benefits to the G.I. Promise rightly rewards the families of all veterans who so proudly served our nation, but sadly are no longer with us.”

Additionally, the legislation enables county veterans-service officers to immediately access discharge forms required for veterans to get benefits and medical services.  It also adds a member of the National Guard to the state’s Veteran Advisory Committee.

For more information about the Ohio G.I. Promise and other education opportunities for veterans and servicemembers, call 1-877-VETS-OH-1 (838-7641)

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