Ohio and Serbia Pledge Educational Cooperation through MOU

COLUMBUS, Ohio (2021-05-17) — 

Randy Gardner, Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education, Paolo DeMaria, Ohio’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Mr. Marko Đurić, H.E. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Serbia to the United States of America, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Educational Cooperation on Friday, May 14. The document pledges that the parties will continue and strengthen the cooperation at the level of primary, secondary, and higher education.

Present in Columbus for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the State of Ohio and the Republic of Serbia are, from left, State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria, Ohio Adjutant General Major General John C. Harris, Jr., Serbian Ambassador to the United States Marko Duric, and Chancellor Randy Gardner.
Present in Columbus for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the State of Ohio and the Republic of Serbia are, from left, State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria, Ohio Adjutant General Major General John C. Harris, Jr., Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to the United States of America Marko Đurić, and Chancellor Randy Gardner.

“Academic, cultural, and economic exchange is an integral part of higher education and vital to Ohio’s thriving in the global economy,” said Chancellor Gardner. “I am eager to participate in this agreement with the Republic of Serbia and am confident it will be a great partnership.”

In higher education, the parties will work to create opportunities for cooperation between the universities and faculties in priority fields such as information technology, advanced production industry, energy, and agriculture, and promote each other as a destination for higher education, encouraging students to participate in the exchange programs.  

“Working together with the United States and the State of Ohio on strengthening our bilateral cooperation in education and science is of crucial importance for Serbia’s future,” said Ambassador Đurić. “It will bring our countries and nations even closer and bolster the strong foundations of our partnership in the long run. Together, we are creating a precious new piece of Serbia-US relations mosaic, the central piece of which is the State of Ohio.”

At the level of primary and secondary education, the parties will encourage the creation of “sister schools” that will ensure joint language learning and understanding of history, culture, and tradition, as well as possible exchange programs for pupils and teachers from secondary schools.

“We believe in the tremendous value of partnerships to strengthen education for all students. The agreement made today will provide incredible opportunities for learning and growth for students and educators in both countries,” said Superintendent DeMaria. “Through working together and sharing ideas and experiences with one another, we are sure to learn and accomplish so much more than we would on our own.”

This agreement builds upon a strong foundation of cooperation between Ohio and Serbia. For 15 years, the Ohio National Guard and the Serbian Armed Forces have participated in security cooperation activities under the State Partnership Program. Those activities have included visits and exchanges, military exercises, information sharing, disaster preparedness collaboration, and professional development.

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