Ohio Department of Higher Education Announces Members of I-Corps@Ohio Summer Cohort

COLUMBUS, Ohio (2015-07-08) — 

In an effort to accelerate the commercialization of research being conducted at Ohio’s universities, the Ohio Department of Higher Education (formerly the Ohio Board of Regents) is sponsoring the I-Corps@Ohio program, modeled after a similar program launched by the National Science Foundation in 2012. Ohio is the first to have a statewide collaboration based on the NSF model, but fully funded by the state.

Although the State of Ohio ranks high in terms of university research, officials have said that the ranking in terms of commercializing the results of that research should be higher. Governor John R. Kasich has identified research commercialization as a prime factor in sustaining job creation and has stressed to college and university presidents and boards of trustees that the issue must be among their top priorities. Implementation of an I-Corps@Ohio program is a key step in addressing the state’s commercialization challenges, which were addressed in Condition Reports published by the Department of Higher Education in 2012 and 2013.

The I-Corps@Ohio program provides hands-on training to Ohio faculty and students in the Lean Launchpad Business Model Canvas process, which establishes a mechanism for evaluating the market need and commercial potential of their proposed technologies. At the conclusion of the technology commercialization training program, teams will be able to make market-based judgments on the potential fit of their technologies with customer needs and make informed decisions on whether to go forward with startup companies or other forms of technology commercialization. The I-Corps@Ohio program is planned to train 60 faculty teams over a period of three years.

“I want to congratulate our participating universities for taking this first step toward better commercializing our research,” said Ohio Department of Higher Education Chancellor John Carey. “This program builds upon the work that was put into our Condition Reports, and I look forward to seeing the results of their efforts.”

The I-Corps@Ohio summer cohort has been announced, with teams representing The Ohio State University, the University of Akron, Ohio State – Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC), and Case Western Reserve University. Cohort team members are as follows:

  • Anant Madabhushi, Xiangxui Wang, Mark Lloyd and Michael Haag – Case Western Reserve
  • Nic C. Leipzig, Ph.D., Pritam Patil, Jeffrey Zimmerman, and Andreas Inmann – University of Akron
  • Dr. Renukaradhya Gourapura, Santosh Dhakal, DVM, and Dr. Shauna Brummet – Ohio State – Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center
  • Dr. Xiong Gong, Chang Liu, and Bill Nemeth – University of Akron
  • Glenn Daehn, Anupam Vivek, Mark Hartel, and John D. Bair – Ohio State
  • Abraham Joy, Kaushik Mishra, and Dr. Gopal Nadkarni – University of Akron
  • Yu Zhu, Tianda He, Clinton Taubert, and Tim Fahey – University of Akron
  • Bing Yu, Ph.D., Vivek Krishna, and Dean R. Koch – University of Akron

The I-Corps@Ohio program is governed by a board composed of representatives from the Ohio Department of Higher Education and six collaborating, Ohio academic institutions: the University of Akron; the University of Cincinnati; Lorain County Community College; The Ohio State University; Ohio University; and the University of Toledo, with Ohio State’s TEC Institute providing administrative oversight for the program.

The National Science Foundation supports the proposal to create a Department of Higher Education-sponsored I-Corps@Ohio program and has committed non-monetary educational and technical assistance as required. The I-Corps@Ohio program has been reviewed and unanimously endorsed by all vice presidents of research at Ohio universities. 

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