Ohio Transfer Promise Guarantees Statewide Course Credit

COLUMBUS, Ohio (2021-05-18) — 

The Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE), with the support of the presidents and provosts at each of Ohio’s public colleges and universities, today announced the Ohio Transfer Promise, a recommitment of the institutions of higher education to Ohio’s statewide transfer initiatives and policies.  

“The Ohio Transfer Promise is possibly the most comprehensive statewide transfer agreement in the country,” said Chancellor Randy Gardner. “It will provide students with a firm guarantee that their coursework will transfer while also providing institutional supports to assist students on their way to earning a degree or credential.”

The Ohio Transfer Promise includes all statewide transfer initiatives. This holistic approach will help to avoid unnecessary credit duplication and get students on the right degree or credential pathway to a successful future. This promise reaffirms Ohio’s commitment to increasing educational access and the number of Ohioans earning a degree, certificate, or other postsecondary credential of value.

“I am very excited about the new Ohio Transfer Promise and what it means for our students,” said Lorain County Community College President Marcia Ballinger. “It highlights the innovative policies the state of Ohio has taken to increase transfer rates and bachelor’s degree attainment across the state, policies like the recently announced Ohio Transfer 36 and the Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways.”

“As we work with our four-year partners to increase equity, transfer, and completion for all students, the Ohio Transfer Promise guarantees a smooth transition without loss of momentum. Students will be assured of completing their bachelor’s degree no matter where they start their education, removing barriers and increasing educational attainment,” Ballinger continued.

Community college and four-year public university leaders agree on the critical value of the initiative.

“The Ohio Transfer Promise provides students with an increased opportunity to be successful,” said Bowling Green State University President Rodney K. Rogers. “Because of Chancellor Randy Gardner and the Ohio Department of Higher Education, Ohio’s community colleges and universities are in a better position to serve transfer students. This promise ensures we can effectively provide an education to transfer students so they are prepared for the workforce and to live meaningful and productive lives.”  

Promises made by the presidents and provosts of Ohio’s public colleges and universities as part of the Ohio Transfer Promise include:

  • Embrace and celebrate transfer students as a part of their mission. 
  • Eliminate obstacles in the awarding of transfer credit and respect transfer students throughout their entire educational experience by providing needed services and taking pride in their accomplishments. 
  • Adhere to all of Ohio’s Transfer Policies, including the statewide guarantees. 
  • Support the Ohio Articulation and Transfer Network technology initiatives and data collection to facilitate research. 
  • Enhance academic advising that facilitates transfer students reaching their educational goals in an effective and efficient manner. 

The Ohio Transfer Promise is posted in its entirety, with signatures from all presidents and provosts, at https://www.ohiohighered.org/ohio-transfer-promise.

The Ohio Department of Higher Education is a Cabinet-level agency for the Governor of the State of Ohio that oversees higher education for the state. The agency’s main responsibilities include authorizing and approving new degree programs, managing state-funded financial aid programs and developing and advocating policies to maximize higher education’s contributions to the state and its citizens.

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