State Controlling Board to Consider Central State Land-Grant Funding Request

COLUMBUS, Ohio (2015-08-24) — 

A request to allow Central State University to access federal land-grant funding to strengthen its research, extension, and teaching in the food and agricultural sciences will be on the agenda for the Ohio Controlling Board on August 31.   

The Ohio Department of Higher Education will ask the Controlling Board to approve a transfer of $1.625 million from the FY17 budget to the FY16 budget to provide the needed state match that is required for Central State to access federal dollars as a land-grant university. The state budget approved in June provided appropriations for Central State University in both years for land grant projects, but additional state funding is necessary in FY16 for Central State to receive the maximum federal awards. Central State received land-grant designation in 2014.

“Central State is an important part of the fabric of Ohio’s public colleges and universities, and its land-grant designation was a significant milestone,” said Department of Higher Education Chancellor John Carey. “Our next steps include helping Central State leverage the land-grant funding available to them.”

The total federal award could be as high as $5.1 million and would require a ¾ state funding match in FY16 due to the timing of the federal award. Any unused FY16 appropriations would be returned to FY17 via Controlling Board after the federal award amount is confirmed.

“As a supporter of Central State, I appreciate the work by Governor Kasich and his fiscal team to ensure CSU is in a position to leverage all the federal support that has been set aside for Ohio’s newest land-grant university,” said State Senator Chris Widener. “Extension services and research can now be planned to create jobs and serve Ohio families better with these funds.”

“Central State University is most appreciative of the support from Governor Kasich, the Ohio State Legislature, and the Ohio Department of Higher Education for their trust and support of Central State University,” said Central State University President Cynthia Jackson-Hammond. “As the second Ohio land-grant institution, we are committed to doing the work that best serves the state of Ohio and its citizens. Our collaboration with The Ohio State University will ensure that research and extension services reach a greater number of counties and citizens.” 

“The academic success of Ohio’s students is essential to the overall viability of our state, and it is our responsibility as elected officials to provide Ohio’s students with the opportunity to receive a higher education that will provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed,” said State Representative Robert Hackett. “The influence of land-grant universities on higher education has been significant, and as Ohio’s second land-grant school, Central State University has the potential to become a catalyst for economic growth in the Miami Valley Region and for the state.”

“For more than 100 years, Central State University has provided students with a culturally enriched learning experience that prepares them for success in life after graduation," said State Representative Kevin Boyce. “Having finally attained its proper land-grant status, Central State will be able to leverage this state money to further expand its mission to educate and instill in its students an aspiration for excellence in all things.”

The Controlling Board will meet at 1:30 p.m. on August 31, in the North Hearing Room of the Statehouse Senate Office Building. A complete agenda is available online at

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