University System of Ohio Establishes Statewide Standard for Recognizing Military Education


COLUMBUS - Under a directive from Chancellor Eric D. Fingerhut issued today, military training, experience, and coursework of student servicemembers will count for credit throughout the University System of Ohio. Providing a uniform state standard for recognizing military credits is expected to help bring current student servicemembers into the workforce sooner and attract new student servicemembers to Ohio.

"Servicemember students bring maturity, motivation and leadership to the communities they live in and the institutions they attend," Fingerhut said. "Recognizing the educational work they have already completed helps Ohio more quickly graduate student servicemembers already enrolled in our schools, and it will attract new servicemembers to Ohio."

Under the new standard, Ohio colleges and universities will use the "American Council on Education Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experience in the Armed Services" to translate military education into credit. Where possible, this credit will count toward a student's major or general education requirements. Students will be advised of the new statewide standard over the next academic year with full statewide implementation to be finished by fall 2012.

According to the latest figures reported to the Ohio GI Promise Council, the 23-member group that advocates for best practices in higher education for servicemembers and advises the chancellor, more than 10,000 student servicemembers were enrolled in the University System of Ohio in fall 2009.

For more information on Ohio efforts to become the best state in the nation at providing educational opportunities for servicemembers, a core mission of Ohio's 10-year "Strategic Plan for Higher Education", please visit the Ohio GI Promis website.

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