Youngstown State Receives Share of OhioCorps Pilot Program Grant

COLUMBUS, Ohio (2019-04-12) — 

Youngstown State University is one of five public universities to receive a share of a $2.5 million OhioCorps pilot program grant administered by the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

Funding will be used to provide at-risk secondary students with guidance and positive role models that will help them succeed as they transition to higher education. YSU received a grant in the amount of $500,000.

“I’m pleased that we are able to award this funding to five public universities that have plans in place to serve at-risk students in their region,” said Ohio Department of Higher Education Chancellor Randy Gardner. “Every student deserves the opportunity to succeed, and the OhioCorps Pilot Program Grant will help ensure that the students served by this program will get the support they need to achieve their goals.”

Youngstown State’s award will be used to work with youth ages 13-18, the population most impacted by the opioid crisis in Mahoning and Trumbull counties. The Unlocking the Hidden Game program will be designed to impact at-risk youth who are affected by the opioid crisis in the region. The program coordinator will work closely with Children Services Board of Mahoning and Trumbull Counties on recruitment for the program, and participants will be assisted through a variety of services. Resources within the community and across the YSU campus will be engaged to infuse supports for all participants.

“The opioid crisis across the state and nation has had a particularly negative impact on our most valuable population, our children,” said Youngstown State University President Jim Tressel. “Through mentoring, tutoring, service learning, and other activities, this funding will help children throughout our region lead healthy and successful lives.”

Other universities receiving a share of the grant are Kent State, Shawnee State, Ohio University, and Cleveland State.

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