Careers in Demand

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According to a study by The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce, by 2018 almost 60% of all jobs in Ohio will require postsecondary training beyond high school. This means that nearly one million job openings in Ohio will require postsecondary credentials. Ohio’s In-Demand Occupations can be found through OhioMeansJobs.

More useful information on careers in demand in Ohio:

  • Ohio's In-Demand Occupations are divided by the education level that is typically required for entry. Then they are organized by highest wage, most annual openings or related job titles. 
  • The OhioMeansJobs: Ohio Labor Market Data site is a great place to start answering career and job questions specifically for Ohio, including the projected 2018 Ohio Job Outlook.
  • The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services provides a tool to search how many people are employed currently in Ohio’s major fields.
  • The Ohio Labor Market Information provides a tool to search the average annual income for a multitude of professions by geographic region in Ohio.
  • The Virtual Career Network has produced a website that outlines how to find careers in healthcare and what education is needed to obtain them.