Internships and Co-ops

Internships and co-ops lead to jobs.

The University of Cincinnati pioneered cooperative education, or co-ops, a sequential and ongoing experience students may use to complete part of their program. Internships are set for a specific duration of time and maybe used for credit depending on the program and school. Many interns are offered a full-time position by their employer. Either way, students gain valuable work experience, which employers look for when they interview job candidates.

Many internships and co-ops are available in Ohio, and finding a good internship is easier than you think. You don’t need to be well connected to find an internship. Ohio has made it easy for college students to find opportunities throughout the state at

Seeking advice from college professors, academic advisors, and career services staff members will open doors to possible internships and co-ops. Often, employers will go to professionals on campus to get recommendations for intern candidates. In addition, companies often attend career fairs to find interns, so be sure to attend these special events.

In addition to using and on-campus resources, other organizations connect students with internships and co-ops, such as NEOintern in Northeast Ohio, SOCHE in Southwest Ohio, ColumbusInternships in Central Ohio, and NextGenIntern in Akron. Other sources of information about internships are at and Idealist.