Lifelong Learning

lifelonglearning.jpgAbout Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is the continuing pursuit of knowledge to build skills, explore new ideas, enhance understanding and enrich life. All state colleges and universities offer the over-60 learner the opportunity to attend classes at no cost, but many institutions and organizations support efforts to provide an enhanced continuing education experience for older learners.


Lifelong Learning Institutes

A lifelong learning institute (LLI), or institute for learning in retirement (ILR), is a community-based organization of retirement-age people interested in continuing their educations beyond retirement. Most are sponsored by a college or university and provide non-credit academic programs developed by the members. LLIs are structured like typical college programs, with regular semesters and coursework.

The following institutions offer lifelong learning institutes in Ohio:


Free College Courses

Ohio's four-year universities and two-year technical colleges allow residents age 60 and older to attend classes at no cost. Participation is limited to classes with space available and must be approved by the instructor. In most cases, no college credit is earned and some costs (such as books, equipment and lab fees) may apply. Contact the admissions or registrar's office of a participating college or university for more details. Be sure to ask about class availability at regional and affiliated campuses near you.

The following colleges and universities offer free courses for Older Ohioans: